American Patriot's Bible NKJV

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God bless America! The American Patriot’s Bible is a unique presentation of how God’s Word helped shape our nation and shows how our nation’s history connects the people and events of the Bible to our modern lives. 

Memorable images from our nation’s rich history and hundreds of enlightening articles complement the New King James Version text in this patriotic rendition of the Bible. How does the history we read in God’s Word apply to the forming of the United States of America? How were our nation’s first leaders influenced by God’s hand? How can you, as a patriotic citizen of the most powerful nation on earth, apply God’s teaching to your knowledge of the past and invite Him to inform your present and future circumstances?

A full-color family record section makes this Bible an ideal standalone guide or a thoughtful secondary text to the classic version of God’s Word you already own. Immerse yourself, your Bible study group, or a loved one in this beautiful Bible. When the story of the United States of America meets the “greatest story ever told,” wonderful things are brought to light! Bring God’s Word and the history of our nation alive, together, like never before.

  • American Patriot's Bible - Anchor Speedy # 002910
  • Hardcover
  • New King James Version (NKJV)
  • Full-color family record
  • Includes hundreds of companion historical articles
  • $44.99