Steward Leadership in the Nonprofit Organization

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Most approaches to nonprofit organizational leadership are borrowed from the for-profit sector. But these models are often inadequate to address the issues nonprofit leaders face. “Steward Leadership in the Nonprofit Organization” offers a new framework for nonprofit management that is rooted in historical precedent and biblical principles yet is also appropriate for the nonprofit context. 

Nonprofit consultant and researcher Dr. Kent R. Wilson presents a comprehensive model for steward leadership, in which leaders act as stewards or trustees­—never as owners. Scripture and history give concrete examples of stewards who managed resources on behalf of others for the good of others. Wilson applies this classical understanding of the steward to modern organizational management, defining and developing steward leadership as an alternative to its cousin, servant leadership. 

Steward leadership offers great hope for the transformation and effectiveness of nonprofit leadership for stakeholders, board members, executive directors, and staff members. Designed by a renowned, longtime nonprofit leader for other nonprofit leaders, this fresh approach to leadership gives you a new focus to lead your organization with excellence. 

  • InterVarsity Press: 2016
  • 221 pages
  • Paperback
  • Subject: Christian Living