Zondervan 2017 Church and Nonprofit Tax & Financial Guide

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Dealing with the IRS is hard enough for individual taxpayers—but for churches and nonprofit organizations it can be a nightmare of complexities! The “Zondervan 2017 Church and Nonprofit Tax & Financial Guide” offers the most up-to-date assistance. 

Issues of financial accountability, receiving and maintaining tax-exempt status, accounting for charitable gifts, and other crucial topics receive careful and full discussion.  The 2017 edition also contains a thorough description of tax laws affecting churches and other nonprofit organizations, ensuring compliance with all regulations. 

The book includes expert advice on handling charitable gifts, sample policies and procedures, easy techniques for simplifying financial policies and procedures, insights on medical expense reimbursements, key steps in sound compensation planning, and examples of required IRS filings. 

Zondervan: January 2017
224 pages
Weight: 1 lb.
Subject: Church and Ministry)